COTA-PA Activations

Overview of castle activations in The Netherlands

Below is a list of the activated objects from the start of the COTA-PA program on March 1, 2012. The activations are valid for the COTA-PA award and the World Castles Award.

Castle / fortress No. activationsActivators (bold=first)
PA-00001 Addingaborg-Wedderborg1DJ2OS
PA-00004 Ennemaborg1DJ2OS
PA-00007 Menkemaborg1PE4BAS
PA-00009 Rensumaborg1PE4BAS
PA-00042 Loon op Zand1PH0NO
PA-00082 Natewisch1PH0NO
PA-00100 Drakensteyn1PA3FYG
PA-00104 Sandenburg1PH0NO
PA-00110 Maarsbergen1PH0NO
PA-00130 Kinkelenburg1PH0NO
PA-00143 Poelwijk1PH0NO
PA-00169 Geldersche Toren1PH0NO
PA-00179 Well1OT4V
PA-00191 Assumburg1PA3DLX
PA-00262 Genhoes1OT4V
PA-00263 Schalhoen1OT4V
PA-00742 Heemstede II *1PH0NO
PA-01487 Rosendael *2PH0NO, DL8ECA
PA-01707 Twickel *3PA3FYG, ON2WAB, DL8ECA
PA-01793 Wageningen *1PH0NO

Chaser nationality

The chart below shows the DXCCs of the chasers that have most often found there way into castle activity logs in PA.

(*) Note that as of Sept 19, 2012 the reference list prepared by WCA for PA was cleaned up and renumbered. Only objects activated before that date retain their old (high) reference number.

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