COTA-PA References

Reference list PA almost complete (280 objects released)

At this moment the list of castles that are part of the COTA-PA program is being revised (with the help of I2AE, PA2NJC, PE4BAS and PC5Z). The original list contained a lot of objects that do no exist any more. It also contained multiple references to the same object.

The currently valid list of objects (and reference numbers) can be found here. Note that this is the third release of the new castle list and holds the castles in 10 of the 12 provinces in The Netherlands.

Based on the latest list of references (up till 251) you can find a convenient map of the castles on Google Maps

Mail us for more information on the status of the COTA-PA object list or if you are planning to activate a castle not yet on the list (use the email button on the left).

1 comment:

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Mijn voornemen is PA-00009 te activeren (Rensumaborg) en/of misschien PA-00003 (Breedenborg). Maar ik weet nog niet of het doorgaat. Laat ik nog wel ff weten. Heb je zelf nog wat in de planning zitten Lars? 73, Bas