COTA Q&A (how to activate)

The rules that apply to an activity are based on the WCA rules to make sure activities in PA also count for WCA awards. There are three important elements:

  1. Valid references
    Use the reference list on this website to verify if a castle is valid for the COTA-PA and WCA program. 
  2. Activation location
    To activate a castle you need to be within 1km distance from the object. It is permissible to activate two or more objects if they are located on a distance no more than 1000 meters (1km) from each other. If doubts about an activity arise then proof of the location used during the activity can be asked for (e.g. GPS, foto's).
  3. Number of QSOs
    For a hunter each reference counts only once (regardless of band, mode or activator). The same applies for an activator with the addition that a reference counts at the moment that at least 50 different calls have been logged. It is possible to reach this number by activating an object more than once.

Recommended frequencies for activations of fortresses and castles:
CW : 3.531; 7.031; 10.121; 14.031; 18.081; 21.031; 24.911; 28.031
   SSB : 3.731; 7.131; 14.251; 18.131; 21.251; 24.951; 28.551

There is a WCA news group on Yahoo where you will find information on planned activations. Look for wca_group on Yahoo Groups.

After the activation you can send your log to us (email link is activated by the email button on the left hand side). We will add it your log to the COTA-PA database for our national awards and upload it to the WCA log service.

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