WCA 10 - Awards

During June 2019 eight different operators are active as P*10WCA from various castles in The Netherlands celebrating the 10th anniversary of the World Castle Award program.

For chasers there will be an award in three levels: bronze, silver and gold. The top 10 chasers will receive a special version of the gold award indicating their end position in the table.

SWLs can request this award as well following the same scoring system. Please use this format to send your log: SWL award

Each call worked is worth 50 points, each reference you work a call is worth 10 points (so 60 points for each first contact with a call and 10 points for each consecutive contact with the same call from a different location).

The points for the award levels are as follows:

  • Gold: over 555 points
  • Silver: over 333 points
  • Bronze: over 222 points

SWLs can request an award under the same rules when they provide QSO information that cannot be found on any DX cluster.

There are in total 222 chasers that achieved an award level: 97 Bronze, 79 Silver and 46 Gold chasers.

You can check if you have reached an award level by entering your call in the field below (base call without any "/"). If you have reached enough points your award will download automatically.

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