Thursday, February 7, 2019

WCA anniversary - special event

In June COTA-PA is going to participate in the 10th anniversary festivities of the World Castle Award (WCA). For this occasion we will have 8 activators using 8 different special calls while activating castles that are part of the COTA-PA and WCA program.

There will be a special award for working these P*10WCA callsigns - with three levels (bronze, silver, gold) depending on the amount of contacts you make with the activators.

Most activity will be in the period of 8-16 June but some calls will be active on other dates in June. Exact dates and times will be communicated at a later date. 

The following calls will be on the air at least on one activation, by the activators mentioned:

Below a preview of the award and QSL lay-out for this event:

Sunday, November 11, 2018

COTA-PA kaart bijgewerkt

De COTA-PA kaart bevat nu alle kastelen en forten die onderdeel uitmaken van het COTA-PA programma: Google Maps 

Voor de oplettende gebruiker: de kaart bevat blauwe en groene icons. De groene icons komen overeen met kastelen waarbij de 1km grens (deels) overlapt met natuurparken die onderdeel zijn van het WWFF PAFF programma. Wellicht zijn er bij deze kastelen mogelijkheden om de programma's te combineren. Of dit praktisch lukt zal afhangen van hoe je op pad bent - vanuit de auto zijn er minder mogelijkheden dan vanuit het open veld.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

WCA bestaat 10 jaar in 2019

Het World Castle Award programma, waar verschillende nationale programma's bij aangesloten zijn (zoals COTA-PA), bestaat in juni 2019 10 jaar.

Om dit te vieren zullen er over de wereld verschillende activators op pad gaan met speciale calls in de vorm van **10WCA in de periode van 8 t/m 16 juni 2019. Zie ook de post op de WCA site voor meer info.

Het zou leuk zijn als we ook in PA enkele speciale calls in de lucht zouden kunnen brengen in juni. Mocht je hier interesse in hebben, laat ons dat dan even weten.

[inmiddels zijn we compleet!]

Saturday, March 25, 2017

World Castle Weekend 2017

De World Castle Activity Group organiseert in juni voor de achtste keer het World Castle Weekend.

Het event vindt plaats in het weekend van 17 en 18 juni.

Stations die werken vanaf een locatie bij een kasteel geven als exchange zoals gebruikelijk een rapport en het nummer van het kasteel (PA-xxxxx). WCAG leden geven een rapport en hun lidnummer en overige stations geven enkel een rapport.

Er zijn chaser awards voor het werken van kastelen en WCAG leden (vanaf 5 contacten) en een award voor activators die mee hebben gedaan aan het event dit weekend.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

PE4BAS from Rensumaborg (PA-00009)

Bas PE4BAS activated PA-00009 Rensumaborg in two visits earlier this month. Working QRP he logged 61 different stations. 

He wrote a short post on his activity that can be found here:

Friday, May 2, 2014

World Castles Weekend 2014

If you are interested in chasing or activating castles then mark the following weekend in your agenda:

14 & 15 June 2014: World Castles Weekend 2014

The weekend is organised by the World Castles Activity Group. More information about this weekend can be found on the WCAG website.
There are special awards available for this weekend. Of course there are also the "regular" awards to collect both from the WCAG (WCA for chasers - WCAA for activators) or our local COTA-PA awards

Let us know if you plan to go out to activate a castle and we will make sure your activity is communicated to the chaser community. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kinkelenburg castle PA-00130 by PH0NO

Winter wonderland in Bemmel

Yesterday I activated PA-00130 (Kinkelenburg). Kinkelenburg is situated in the village of Bemmel and features an early 15th century tower.

PA-00130 - Kinkelenburg
Using Google Maps I found a spot within 1km from the castle towards the Waal river. The snow gave this quiet area a nice aura. The only downside was that I was freezing my hands off when setting up the antennas - as I forgot to bring gloves

Conditions on 20m were rather poor. I did see spots on 15m indicating contacts between EU and NA but I did not bring my 15m antenna with me. I stayed on 20m for almost one and a half hours logging only 54 calls. DX came in from the east only with EX8, UK8 and 4Z.
/P in the snow at PA-00130
It took me some time to set up my inverted V for 40m as my fibreglass pole segments were frozen together on several places. When I did get on the air again I found that 40m was quite lively. The first frequency I chose seemed clear but I was greeted with constant S9 QRN after about 15 minutes. So I changed to another frequency where QRM was around S7 "only".
Inverted V for 40m up in the air
Skip distance was rather peculiar as Gx stations boomed in but I could only copy - with a lot of difficulty - one DL station. DL OMs normally make up a fair share of the 40m contacts. I know there were more but I just could not hear them (sorry guys). In the hour I was on 40m I logged 50 more calls - most of them at 59+10 (actually only "+" on my FT-857). There was no real DX on this band but I did log a new band DXCC when GJ6TMM came by. I worked GJ before on 40m but I was on holiday in F at the time.

Logging more than 100 contacts with some time in between to have a proper QSO made this another pleasant /P activity. I did have to face one last challenge re. the frozen fibreglass pole. With a lot of patience and some brute force I managed to loosen some of the frozen segments of my fibreglass pole so I could fit it in the car to drive to a warm home. 

See you on the next activity.